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Michel Fiffe’s ZEGAS #2

by Dean Haspiel

In the age of the artist-entrepreneur where certain legislation’s are trying to negatively change the way we consume and share, please consider donating to ZEGAS #2, an intimate project by artist/writer, Michel Fiffe, and get something you can hold in your hands, read, and “feel” besides the plastic shell casings of your phones and laptops. […]

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Publish or Perish

by Dean Haspiel

Comics writer/artist/publisher, Jimmy Palmiotti, recently Tweeted, “Publish or perish.” Maybe it was end-of-the-year blues but I was feeling particularly bleak about my career and was struck by Jimmy’s charge and asked if we could discuss the origin behind those three ominous words and what I got was a pep talk for a lifetime. Securing work […]

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Version: Re-Imagining Your Heroes

by Dean Haspiel

[Pencil detail from “Four Shadowing” featuring The Thing in Spider-Girl #1, Marvel Comics] Version is a tradition. There is the authors original intent [which is always right — no matter what — end of discussion George Lucas haters*] and then there is the fan’s response [yes, I would much rather have seen what fans would […]

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Robot 6 Holiday Gift-Giving Guide

by Dean Haspiel

Robot 6 asked me what comics-related gifts I would recommend and what gift was at the top of my wish list. ZEGAS #1 by Michel Fiffe

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