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Zombies Attack!!!

by Jef UK

Cartoonist Blake Sims interprets fan-favorite Americans UK song, “Zombies Attack!!!” as a terrifying comic book. Put the song on your Halloween dance mix, yo!  It will certainly slate your hunger for shaking hips. You can download the song from iTunes HERE or Amazon HERE. Purchase a physical comic book HERE And watch the comic-book-music-video by […]

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Time Bum

by Jef UK

Witness the ongoing adventures of one man with all the time in the world.  He.  Is.   Time Bum! And now you can read Time Bum from the top, as it was always intended! Given the way we released Time Bum on Trip City, it always read backwards, so now, perhaps you’ll better be able to spot […]

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Firewater and Pixie Dust

by Guest Contributor

If she thought about it, the whole affair with David had started in Sophie’s Bar on a sweltering July night and died somewhere on the way to the no-name pub on the first evening that tasted of Fall: They spanned only one season, and more bar nights than she meant to. She’d sworn off meeting […]

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by Jef UK

The first time I tried to contact her, I broke the bedroom mirror we had bought together.  She was standing in front of it in profile, up on her tiptoes, making sure she looked okay in some little red dress. She looked gorgeous. And—what can I say?—I panicked. Although it had been over a year […]

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