Chris Miskiewicz

C hris Miskiewicz is a Writer, Comic Book Creator, Actor.

Chris is the writer of the critically acclaimed comic book series, THOMAS ALSOP published by BOOM! Studios. He is a member of the webcomics collective ACT-I-VATE where he wrote the anthology series EVERYWHERE. He is the writer/producer of the parody web series The Adventures of Shakespeare & Watson: Detectives of Mystery and Justice & Control: Cop City Bluesand is a founding member of the multimedia site, Trip City.

TRIP CITY is the current home of his Signals Collection.

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The EVERYWHERE Anthology on ACT-I-VATE Comix                    EVERYWHERE is a web-comix anthology based on a concept by writer Chris Miskiewicz and Andrew Wendel, published exclusively at ACTIVATEcomix, where you wake up to find that millions of animals have appeared Everywhere around the world at the same moment. What happened and what does it mean when the natural world has gone wrong? Artists include, Andrew Wendel, (XO) Rick Parker, (Beavis & Butthead) Bobby Timony, (Night Owls) Seth Kushner, (Culturepop) Thomas Baehr, (The End is Here) Nathan Schreiber, (Power Out) Ashley Quigg, (Space Case Sally) Kate McElroy, (Fables 100) Maurice Fontenot, (Ghost Pimp) Palle Schmidt, (The Devils Concubine) Chris Sinderson (Twisted Savage Dragon Funnies) and Dean Haspiel, (Bored to Death.) Upcoming episodes include Simon Fraser, (Lilly Mckenzie) Saskia Lenis, (The Messenger) Fred Harper, and Sean Pryor (The Pekar Project.)

SIGNALS  A  short story/spoken word series by writer Chris Miskiewicz. 

Thomas Alsop – The Case of Dead Uncle  Read the 12 page short comic from the soon to be legendary character, Thomas Alsop, from the minds of the soon to be legendary team of Chris Miskiewicz & Palle Schmidt.

Thomas Alsop – Official Trailer Watch the official trailer for Thomas Alsop. Based on the character by Chris Miskiewicz & Palle Schmidt. Directed by Christopher Piazza, and produced by Spygirl Pictures.

The Adventures of Shakespeare & Watson: Detectives of Mystery - The Adventures of Shakespeare & Watson: Detectives of Mystery is a proposed twelve episode parody web-series created with Panopticon NYC, Nicky Dog Pictures, and Spygirl Pictures. The series features William Shakespeare and Doctor John Watson as an unlikely pair of time traveling detectives trapped in the present due to an accident with Sherlock Holmes’s time cane.

SECRET IDENTITY – A short film by Christopher Piazza & Chris Miskiewicz  Meet Tommy (Zachariah Durr) the newest hire at an office where everything is slightly off. Tommy finds himself constantly taunted by his cubical mate, Ted (Chris Miskiewicz) while having to endure uncomfortable and awkward conversations with his Boss (Paul Coughlan) and the rest of the staff.

Justice & Control: Cop City Blues  In a city overrun by crime four of the strangest police detectives that anyone has ever seen fight to keep Justice on the streets. Crime has never been this safe.

Adrift  A short comic about the end of a relationship, two cats, and an ocean of grey liquid by Chris Miskiewicz & Kate Mcelroy.

What Would You Do If…  This is the greatest three panel comic to ever hit the web.

Swinger Eight  Listen to the Brooklyn based psychedelic art rock band, Swinger Eight, featuring Chris Mis, Christopher Medrano, and Ozzie Martinez.