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Everyone wants to touch it but no one is allowed

by Jenn Shannon

  Richard Serra’s JUNCTION/CYCLE wraps two warped sculptures of weatherproof steel through the Gagosian Gallery like they are nothing more than discarded curls of ribbon. The anchored structures create a cylindrical labyrinth which push and pull the viewer through space by manipulating light, texture, color, space, and our sense of balance. We emerge dizzy, off-center, […]

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by Dean Haspiel

Winter of 2010, then-Marvel editor, Nate Cosby, gave me the opportunity to draw a CYCLOPS comic book for Marvel Comics’ X-men First Class mini-series of one-shots that came out Spring 2011 and was collected into a book called “X-men First Class: Class Portraits.” Written by “Lee Black” and colored by Harvey Award winner, Jose Villarrubia, […]

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