Episode 9: Halley Feiffer + Chiller Theater Interviews

Dean Haspiel has a candid conversation with actress/playwright/filmmaker, Halley Feiffer, the daughter of famous satirist/playwright/cartoonist, Jules Feiffer, and writer/actress/comedian, Jenny Allen, and they discuss Halley’s career, the differences between theater and film, and what it means to let your kitchen faucet drip. And, check out Halley’s brilliant short play, Thank You So Much For […]

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Episode 8: Jonathan Vankin + Kirsten Holly Smith


In TRIP CITY podcast #8, Dean Haspiel conducts an interview with author, Jonathan Vankin, and they discuss his years as a journalist and writer, his time shepherding literary graphic novels as a senior editor at Vertigo/DC Comics, his thoughts behind conspiracy theories and whether or not man truly walked on the moon, and […]

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Episode 7: James Haspiel & Bob Fingerman

In this episode of the TRIP CITY podcast, Dean Haspiel interviewed his father/author/archivist, James Haspiel, during Thanksgiving last year, and they talk about James’ friend, the late, great Marilyn Monroe. They contrast MM’s impact on society 50-years after her death and James tells a moving story about a 12-year old Wisconsin boy. Also, Seth […]

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Episode 6 – Jonathan Lethem & Joe Infurnari

This week at TRIP CITY, Jef UK interviews author, Jonathan Lethem, about his new book collection, The Ecstasy of Influence: Nonfictions, Etc., and previous works. We also interview cartoonist, Joe Infurnari, about his new graphic novel, MUSH! Sled Dogs With Issues! [in collaboration with The Colbert Report writer, Glenn Eichler], and discuss his process […]

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Episode 5 – Dan Goldman

TRIP CITY Podcast #5 highlights Dean Haspiel’s couch interview with cartoonist, Dan Goldman, from October, where they discussed Dan’s comics career, his process,  the digital revolution, and the future.  This holiday special was broadcast “live” from the Trip City Xmas Party at the top of Hang Dai Studios. The party features “Christmas Murderer” by […]

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Episode 4: Miranda July – Sandra Beasley – Krista Dragomer

TRIP CITY Podcast #4 highlights Krista Dragomer‘s interview with Miranda July at Hang Dai Studios from November, where they talked about her new non-fiction book, It Chooses You (McSweeney’s, 2011). Krista and Miranda also discuss art fears, feminist art-makers, and dirty limericks.  Other topics discussed:  Miranda’s most recent film is The Future (2011), which […]

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Episode 3: Ben Katchor + Jen Ferguson

TRIP CITY Podcast #3 highlights Dean Haspiel’s interview with artist Jen Ferguson, Ron Scalzo’s new “Ronnie’s Story,” Dean Haspiel and Jen Ferguson’s interview with cartoonist Ben Katchor, and the Americans UK single, “Inappropriate Words To Your Mother” off of the album Luxuria by Americans UK. Brooklyn artist, Jen Ferguson, and cartoonist, Dean Haspiel, interviewed […]

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Episode 2: Henry Rollins

TRIP CITY Podcast #2 highlights Seth Kushner’s interview with filmmaker Amy Finkel, Ron Scalzo’s new “Ronnie’s Story,” Amy Finkel and Dean Haspiel’s exclusive interview with musician/actor/author Henry Rollins, and the Americans UK single, “Jobs: We Don’t Have Them,” off their album, Rocktronic. Documentary filmmaker Amy Finkel (FUREVER) and cartoonist, Dean Haspiel, conducted an exclusive […]

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Episode 1: Michael Moore and intro to Trip City

TRIP CITY Podcast #1 highlights a round table interview with the TRIP CITY founders, Chris Miskiewicz’ New York Comicon 2011 report, Ron Scalzo’s “Ronnie’s Story,” graphic novelist, Dan Goldman’s exclusive interview with filmmaker, Michael Moore, and the Americans UK’s single “You Can’t Kill The Americans UK.” Comics author Dan Goldman (whose works include SHOOTING […]

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