By Chris Miskiewicz

Thomas Alsop, The Hand of the Island, celebrity, and occult investigator who’s family has been charged with the task of protecting Manhattan from supernatural threats for the last three hundred years. He’s also the host of the popular cable TV show, Thomas Alsop – Supernatural Detective.

Thomas Alsop: The Hand of the Island  is based on the comic book series by Chris Miskiewicz & Palle Schmidt published by BOOM! Studios. Directed by Christopher Piazza, produced by Spygirl Pictures, and stars Paul Bosche, Alex Jones, and James Smith.

Click here to read the 12 page short story Thomas Alsop: The Case of Dead Uncle

About the Authors:

Chris Miskiewicz is a New York based Writer/Actor. He’s the writer of THOMAS ALSOP by BOOM Studios, the anthology web-comic series EVERYWHERE, on ACT-I-VATEComix, and is a founding member of the multimedia site, Trip City, as well as writing the live action parody web series “The Adventures of Shakespeare & Watson: Detectives of Mystery.” Follow Chris on Twitter – @CMMiskiewicz

Palle Schmidt is a Danish writer/artist. Palle is the artist behind Thomas Alsop, bringing his European sensibilities to a quintessentially American story. He’s the creator of the crime noir graphic novel, The Devils Concubine published by IDW, and his upcoming book, Stiletto. He specializes in hardboiled crime noir. To see more of Palle’s work visit his website and / or check out his comics tutorials on ComicsForBeginners.

Paul Bosche as Thomas Alsop

James Smith as Marcus Rogers.

Alex Jones as Kevin Stiletto.

“Thomas Alsop” created by Chris Miskiewicz & Palle Schmidt

ThomasAlsop FB Cover