By Jef UK

R ead the comic while you listen to the tune, so as to fully experience the post-punk-apocalyptic might that is, “I, Ape-Man.” Then come back here for a minute, I’ve got a couple of things I want to tell you.

I, APE-MAN came into being as a song in the long long ago, in a far away land known as Austin, TX. I brought the lyrics, melody, and that octave key part to my pal Craig Montoro, and we wrote the song together. Subsequently, we performed it for years in Americans UK. Hell, it’s only been fairly recently that it stopped making the set list.


So the comic you read above was conceived years after the song was published, and my first attempt at a “comic-book music-video.” As such, it stars mutated versions of the comic-book version of the band: Jef UK, JTR3, Keith Scavenge and Paul A-Hole.


A-Hole & Scavenge, by ZEES

I don’t know how to continue without first telling you how much I love the artwork of my pal ZEES. I am a true fan of his stuff, and he has an utterly unique artistic voice. What’s great about writing for ZEES is that he brings so much more to the table than just illustration skills. He adds incredible amounts of depth and complexity to each character, each panel, and each page that he draws. He adds story.


JTR3 Mutant, by ZEES

Here in “I, Ape-Man,” that whole bit with Ape-Man watching as the JTR3-spider-bot eats the antagonist, as well as the damsel in distress– that was all ZEES. I remember getting that page back for the first time and being surprised that the damsel died at the end, and it was my story! I fucking love it.


Hip Chick, by ZEES

I didn’t have an exact sense of how long I wanted this. I just wanted ZEES to go crazy, so I only wrote a plot, with the intention of adding the lyrics over the appropriate images after the fact. Americans-UK-Marvel-Style, I guess. But the narrative is so strong in the comic that I thought the lyrics became a distraction, so we cut them.

That’s all I got right now. Hope you dig it all.

One if by land, two if by sea, three if by rock.


Jef UK

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