By Guest Contributor

lovers 2

Lovers and Other Strangers #1 is an innovative new photo magazine from the mind of Justin Bacolo where the worlds of fact and fiction collide, featuring top notch output from some of NYC’s brightest up-and-comers. Filled to the brim with tantalizing creative stories inspired by found vintage photos, creating an alternate reality grounded in our existing universe. Enter the world of Lovers & Other Strangers, a realm for both the curious and the imaginative!

Contributing writers include, Matthew Rosenberg, Vita Ayala, Len Cutler, Matthew Klein, Danielle Lorick, Joshua Medsker, Robert Moulthrop, Catherine Picozzi, Michele St. Martin, and Kyra Young.

Lovers and Other Strangers #1 can purchased for $11.99 at Forbidden Planet, NYC. 832 Broadway, NY NY 10003. Or online at