NEW NEW YORK: VIA AUDIO, Natural Language

By Jessica Glick

The howling wind swept the city’s debris into the air creating cyclones of leaves and garbage on the pathway to the garden. The ominous silver tint in the sky stayed behind me as I inched closer to my destination. I easily lost myself inside the tranquil Brooklyn hideaway as I waited for them.

I saw her running down the stairs with a guitar on her back. I tried to catch her, but she had already vanished. Moments later, I spotted her again behind a crowd of people. She made her way to me and we introduced ourselves. He arrived shortly after and the first thing I noticed were his cowboy boots. We headed back up the stairs she had come running down and she directed us toward some of her favorite spots.

It was easy to see the connection between the two of them (they would later discuss questions of gravity in outer space) so it is no wonder that they’ve managed to maintain Via Audio for over a decade. First meeting while attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, former band member and bassist David Lizmi introduced them. He had met David through local jam sessions and she through another former band member, Danny Molad, whom she had given her demo to while playing her guitar outside a Berklee hangout. As a quartette, they found success with their debut album Say Something. Their second record, Animalore, was produced by Spoon’s Jim Eno, which eventually led to the group opening for the esteemed band in Tokyo.

Now, as a duo, they are drawing on the evolution of Via Audio, and themselves as artists, to develop a new sound. With their forthcoming album, Natural Language, which will be released in early 2014, they want to create a different experience for their audience. Accompanying their more focused and mature work, they are collaborating with other creatives to incorporate fresh sets, stage outfits, and videos for their live shows.

Although their main focus is on finishing their new record, they are currently working on other artistic endeavors. He with Lazercake, a group he plays guitar in; as well as producing and engineering other bands in his home studio in Philly. She is busy with Modest Midas; a surf-lounge-bossa nova side project that she will soon be recording an EP for. She also collaborates with illustrator Derek Eads for their blog Assorted Hearts.

It was time for them to head to their rehearsal. We attempted to find our way out. Confused by the different pathways ahead of us, he took out a map and we followed him. Once we found the exit to the street, we parted ways. I noticed that the threatening sky had waited outside the gardens. Momentarily lost, a gust of wind pushed me in the right direction…

-Jessica Glick

Jessica Glick is a photographer, writer, and music lover. She developed an interest in photography while working at various Lower East Side music venues. Jessica started photographing local musician and has now expanded her work to include fine art and fashion. In addition to photography, Jessica has been writing since she was a child. Attempting to combine her writings with her photo work, she created an ongoing portrait/story series called VAGABOND.

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