By George Jurard

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Beacon Lights by Minneapolis cartoonist George Jurard, is a series of loosely inter-locking stories that take place over the course of 200 years.

Throughout our lives, we are perpetually in the act of pursuit. We are always seeking something in the distance— a beacon, a light, that calls us to action. But, each action has an opposite reaction, and as one person finds happiness, another can find despair.

Beacon Lights explores the spectrum of the human condition: the horrors we face, life’s joys, and the uncertainty that nags at us when the rug’s pulled out from under our feet. Throughout all of these things, we persist. Our beacons call to us.

Read the rest of George Jurard’s Beacon Lights as he illuminates man’s bold resilience.

NOTE: a different version of “The Future Needs You” first appeared at Studio YOLO.