By Jessica Glick


I waited for him at the corner of Bowery and East Houston. As he sauntered towards me, I momentarily returned to the night we first met. It was only a few weeks prior that I found myself on the roof deck of a ship sailing through the Hudson River. Clearly enamored by the view of New York City, I found him sitting alone and smoking a cigarette. I joined him and we began discussing music.

Listening to his father play soul, funk, and jazz albums, the Long Island native discovered his love of music early on. He began mixing records and using samples from his father’s collection. Although he connected with jazz, the musical climate at the time led him in another direction; rap.


In the late 80s, he became a member of the hip-hop crew, Leaders of the New School.  Along with Busta Rhymes, Charlie Brown, and Cut Monitor Milo, the group rose to fame after opening for Public Enemy. A guest appearance in A Tribe Called Quest’s hit song “Scenario” and two albums later, the group went their separate ways.

Over the years, he continued to create. Recently, he returned from the Hip Hop Gods Tour, where he performed his single “Dinc Da Dinc Dinc”, which led to the release of his mix tape. Now, he’s working on his solo album with contributors like Jarobi White from A Tribe Called Quest, Charlie Brown, and others. Although there will be elements in his new work that recall his formative years, he continues to evolve with the New York hip-hop scene.

tBJDmvPAK9HurJRO_BEtlINXbOFl7hbHhaAYidTeIsA,wnpGjLn-1-UcwPKHHK8LkUbOciNh_qYuykvvofvCF5AWe parted ways at the corner of Stanton and Allen St. I headed towards a nearby coffee shop on Ludlow. As I walked, I remembered how he said he lived in Atlanta and Connecticut, but no place compared to New York.  I once again recalled our first meeting, and the pink and gold sunset over the city that had left an impression on me, reminding me of why this is home…

-Jessica Glick


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Jessica Glick is a photographer, writer, and music lover. She developed an interest in photography while working at various Lower East Side music venues. Jessica started photographing local musician and has now expanded her work to include fine art and fashion. In addition to photography, Jessica has been writing since she was a child. Attempting to combine her writings with her photo work, she created an ongoing portrait/story series called VAGABOND.

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