By Dean Haspiel

Cinema and comics share images as a vehicle of storytelling. So it seemed natural to present “An Evening with Dean Haspiel”, one of the foremost graphic storytellers of our time, at the Cinema Arts Centre, last Fall (October 4th, 2012). Hosted by Matthew Berkowitz, founder of Rough Hewn Productions and long-time friend of Dean’s, the event offers an entertaining exploration of Haspiels’s career: from his indie beginnings to his current pioneering work in web comics. Featuring readings from some of his stories, as well as his astute observations about the state of comics today, “An Evening With Dean Haspiel” is an intriguing look into the mind of a cutting-edge artist as well as an inspiring master-class in visual storytelling.–Matt Berkowitz, filmmaker

Here is Hannah Means-Shannon’s review of the event.


(Matt Berkowitz and Dean Haspiel)