By Seth Kushner

“COMPLEX: Love_Underscores_You”
Written by Seth Kushner, Chris Miskiewicz & Dean Haspiel
Photocomix by Seth Kushner
Featuring Katelan Foisy & Chris Miskiewicz

“COMPLEX” was an idea I had a few years ago.  I liked the notion of a sort of futuristic sci-fi soap opera about four distinctive and lonely characters whose lives intersect.  I wanted to produce it as a long-form photocomic, and I recruited Chris Miskiewicz to star and co-write with me.  We, along with Dean Haspiel, developed concepts together based upon the outline I wrote and then Chris turned the whole thing into a full script.  We made plans to go into production, but we decided we needed to do a short prologue first, as a test to see if  it would work.  I wrote up an outline for an eight pager, which then Chris, Dean and myself turned into a final script, which we went into production on during the summer of 2012.

For me, “COMPLEX: Love_Underscores_You” represents an experiment in photo-graphic narrative storytelling.  It uses technology – camera and computer rather than ink and paper – to tell a story that is (at least partially) about technology.

“COMPLEX: Love_Underscores_You” first appeared in Creator Owned Heroes #7, and then in my self-published FORCE FIELD FOTOCOMIX VOL.01.  This marks its online digital debut.

As for our longer tale, COMPLEX, well, we all got sidetracked with other projects, but who knows, if the response is strong to this short prologue, perhaps we’ll pick it up again.

-Seth Kushner

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