By Dean Haspiel


The NY Post interviewed me about my new webcomic, THE RED HOOK. You can read about it here and then read the actual comic!

Article excerpt:
“Haspiel set the story in the area due to its lingering feel of small-town lawlessness — making it ripe for a tale about crime and mayhem, he said. “It feels to me like the setting for a modern-day Spaghetti Western,” Haspiel said. “The neighborhood attracts independent thinkers, artists and even some crafty criminals. It’s home to a certain kind of people,” Haspiel said.”


The NY Observer spoke to me about THE RED HOOK.

Article excerpt:
“Brooklyn finally has its own superhero and he’s got a mean right hook.

Comic book artist Dean Haspiel has created “a hero for hipsters” with The Red Hook, a retro superhero with a checkered past and a spandex suit the color of a fire truck (and no cape, actually). The Red Hook comes from inauspicious beginnings as a thief who roves his eponymous neighborhood, and even steals his identity from a fallen foe.

“He’s a reluctant hero,” Mr. Haspiel told us, without giving away any future plot points. “It’s been forced upon him, a life and death situation almost. In a way, I’m commenting on other superheroes–that Stan Lee line, ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ I’m taking a different look at that mantra with this characterization.”

AND, you have to sign in to see/hear it but Ali Wolf and News12 did a nice video report on my about Brooklyn comix and The Red Hook.

News12: Best of Brooklyn: Comic book author, illustrator Dean Haspiel to release ‘The Red Hook’ 

“BROOKLYN – A local comic book author and illustrator is working on a new story, and his inspiration is coming right from Brooklyn.

Dean Haspiel is working on “The Red Hook,” with a main character based on the waterfront neighborhood.

The artist gave News 12 a peak at the book, and explained that “The Red Hook” isn’t your typical comic hero. Instead he’s someone who starts out selfish, but learns that he wants to help people.

“The Red Hook” is expected to go on sale early next year. Haspiel hopes to eventually turn it into a series.”