By Jef UK

A mericans UK loves Daft Punk, let me start. Second, listen/dance to this funky little ditty we came up with, and keep in mind how much everybody should also want to be Prince:

Third, JTR3 and I have had our creative heads buried in the next AMERICANS UK album, titled, Where Giants Walk, for a couple-to-four years now. During that time, certain singles would emerge for some random project or pitch opportunity, and we’d whip up a song pretty good and fast.  AM/UK’s classic-rock, sing-along, “Stoop Sale,” is a good example of that process.  So anyway, this song “MC Pumpkin Head” emerged because I had a meeting with a big-time cartoon producer, so I recruited my pal Blake Sims to whip up a quick character design, JTR3 to produce this theme-song with me, and then I tried to make something happen. So here we are a couple years later. Lyrics after the art:

[“MC Pumpkin Head” and “DJ Oomz” character designs by Blake Sims. In the song, “DJ Oomz” is called, “DJ Monster Ted,” because of  rhyme, and I’m indecisive sometimes.]


MC Pumpkin Head is neither live, nor neither dead,
He born in a patch in ’93 by magic deeds.
DJ Monster Ted goes crate-diving on the weekends,
To find those perfect beats to craft under lyrical feats.

He’ll get you moving,
Knows all the back-beats,
His tongue licks smooth flow,
His kicks are clean, yo.

MC Pumpkin Head, he make cool change and decent bread,
Leading new raves and making scenes cool with the tweens.
MC Pumpkin Head is never likely to bewed,
His freakish form is made for mad dancing but not romancing.

There’s this one girl though,
She keeps snakes in her fro,
Dances on him at shows,
Shows just what I know!


Thanks for listening, reading, hanging out.


Jef UK