By Dean Haspiel

Arlen Schumer, artist on “Fantastic Forty-Six,” is giving a free retrospective/lecture about the great/late cartoonist/publisher, Carmine Infantino! It will also be live-streamed. Details below.


CARMINE INFANTINO VisuaLecture retrospective/eulogy for legendary comic book artist CARMINE INFANTINO (1925-2013), spotlighting Infantino’s definitive versions of DC Comics’ superheroes The Flash, Adam Strange and Batman! (Part of Ben Katchor‘s NY Comics & Picture-Story Symposium!)

Monday, June 3rd @ 7pm
Parsons/The New School
2 West 13th Street
New York, NY 10011In the Bark Room (off the lobby)
FREE and open to the public!

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Arlen also designed the Carmine Street Comics logo, an homage to the legendary stylings of Carmine Infantino.

Here’s what Arlen had to say about creating the Carmine Street Comics logo:

“I’ve known Jon Gorga for a few years, around the NYC comics scene, we’d see each other at events, e-mailed each other now & then. When I heard he was leaving Manhattan Comics a month or 2 ago to open up his own store down on Carmine Street, I immediately offered to design a logo for the store!

Usually I come in with my own idea(s) of how I’d like to design/illustrate something, but in this case, Jon & his partner already had an idea. Coincidentally, without ever seeing it, I had already taken pix of the area’s street signs on my way to visit the store for the first time, so we were more in synch than not!

And once I gave my sketches that SCHNAPPY look (for Ira Schnapp, the Great God of DC Comics hand-lettering, everything from the telescopic Superman logotype–the Coca-Cola of comic book logotypes–to every DC character logotype you can think of; for more on Schnapp, see, I hit the bull’s-eye!”

–Arlen Schumer