By Jef UK

100 years in the future, humans travel the oceans in fish-shaped space-ships.  What cities survive are submerged.  Days are dark across the globe, dust and smoke from the asteroid’s impact clouding the atmosphere. These seas are ruled by the Aquanauts, the offspring of an experimental, underwater research lab and military training base launched off the San Francisco coast at the beginning of the 21st century.

Meanwhile, skeletal fundamentalists in gas masks shamble across stretches of islands formerly known as the Rocky Mountains.  These desiccated men, known as “the Skets,” have recently discovered a military bunker, access to which has  been opened by an earthquake.

Our protagonist, Rad Brazil, is a hero king returning home to the great Aquanaut city of Cephania, after a two-year naval tour of Eastern waters.  Aboard his Whale-Ship travels a Sket diplomatic envoy, picked up on Rad’s return.  Recently, a young Sket was killed by Pirates, and the Skets want to show their hand as to their recently acquired power and coerce the Aquanauts into helping them retaliate.  But when the Sket ambassador speaks before the Cephenian Senate, he is assassinated by Rebels whose ranks are bolstered by a Cephenian youth movement, as led by a group of debased exiles.  Soon Rad must don his choral hewn battle suit and navigate post-apocalyptic trenches, mutated-shark-guarded cloning facilities, eerie ponds brimming with water babies, and his own treacherous family politics in order to bring the assassins to justice and put a hold on the Sket Rapture!

More to come….

Aquanauts Preview

Art and Lettering:  Michael Lapinski

Words: Jeffrey Burandt 

aquanauts character design by Michael Lapinski photo AQUAROUGHS_02_zps9aafc56f.jpg