The Reception: Never A Bride

By Mario Candelaria

P erspective is the one distinguishing aspect of life that truly makes us alone in a crowd. Other people in attendance at a particular event or function around you might see what you see, hear what you hear, but their experiences leading up to, during, and after is what may isolate their lives from yours. Shared events and differing perspectives is what inspired me to create The Reception, a collection of short stories centered around the fringe characters who happen to be at the same wedding reception during a snowy New York night.

By almost completely pulling the focus away from the bride and groom on “their big day” and shining the spotlight on friends and family I was able to take the minutiae of their imagined lives and morph them into a series of stories that could be read either individually or as a group, but have little to no impact on each other. To help me further achieve the sense of individuality I teamed up with a number of very talented comic artists and together through close collaboration we were able to experiment with a number of story elements and create a few fun stories which inadvertently became more of a mix-tape than anthology.

Each segment was written by yours truly, Mario Candelaria, with some input from the artists. The creators which I have worked with on this project are Marco Turini, Joel Lolar, Zane DeGaine, Victor Santos, Jeremy Ray, Scott Ewen, Dean Haspiel, Nathan Schreiber, and Dusty Higgins.

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–Mario Candelaria