By Chris Miskiewicz

JUSTICE & CONTROL: COP CITY BLUES – Episode  3 “Get Santa”                                                                Episode 3: “Captain Kelly Hotchik has given the Detectives a new assignment. Get Santa for his yearly breaking and entering crime spree…”

Policing the streets of Cop City isn’t easy, but these aren’t your average Cops. Join Detective Chandler Ashton St. John, Detective Wagner Murdoch, Detective Thomas Mabeline, and Inspector Marcus Garvey as they fight to keep justice in a city full of crime. Crime has never been this safe!!! Let’s go be Cops!!!  Justice & Control: Cop City Blues stars Chris Miskiewicz, Paul Coughlan, Alexander Martin Jones, and Paul Bosche as four of the strangest detective’s in this off the wall police parody.

Justice & Control: Cop City Blues Episode 3 GET SANTA
Written & Directed by Chris Miskiewicz

Paul Coughlan – Detective St. John
Alex Jones – Detective Mabeline
Chris Miskiewicz – Detective Murdoch
Paul Bosche – Inspector Garvey
Greg Paul – Captain Kelly Hotchik
Jacob Declement – The Shirtless Man
Jennie Muoio – Shirtless Groupie 1
Cassandra Powell – Shirtless Groupie 2
Sabrina Bianchi – Shirtless Groupie 3

Derek Gordon – Director of Photography
John Block – Camera Operator
Rachel Iovine – Assistant Director
Jacob Declement – Production Assistant
Tom Lynch – Props
Hit & Run – Locations
Sal Moronno – Editor
Vern Muldoon – Casting
Chris Miskiewicz – Executive Producer

“More is More”
by Big Linda

“Middle of the Week”
by The Something of Hope

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in Association with Trip City

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