Time Bum

By Jef UK

W itness the ongoing adventures of one man with all the time in the world.  He.  Is.   Time Bum!

And now you can read Time Bum from the top, as it was always intended! Given the way we released Time Bum on Trip City, it always read backwards, so now, perhaps you’ll better be able to spot the clues throughout the series that led to our twisty ending.

Click through to follow the non-adventures of a transient travelling through the ages to avoid responsibility. Experience single-panel, panoramic, hobo-sci-fi comix as never before! Written by Jef UK.  Art by Paul Ahern.  Created by Ahern and UK.  Song by Americans UK.

Buy the record on iTunes or Amazon.  Find Time Bum appearing in these various AM/UK comix here, here, here, and here.  It’s a fun game!  Like Where’s Waldo for winos.


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