By Dean Haspiel


ITEM: I donated my extensive mini-comix collection to The Library of Congress last year and they asked me to do a talk along with Small Press Expo director, Warren Bernard, who helped make this happen. Here is the video:

ITEM: at “Tell the Bartender” podcast, I told Katharine Heller how I came to become a biological father.

ITEM: Hannah Means Shannon reports & reviews “One Thing Leads to Another,” the comics art exhibit at Medialia Gallery. Here’s an excerpt: “Two of Dean Haspiel’s works were on display, including an outrageous one page tale, also drawn at the ACA Residency where he was teaching, representing the misadventures of the collectively owned character Shiftygoth. Though plenty of comics lining the walls pushed the boundaries of style of subject matter, Shifty Goth in “Starfish Chastity” took the cake. Haspiel’s second work, several pages from a creator owned Silver-Age inspired HOOKING THE RED HOOK, threw a sturdy punch of color into the largely pencil and ink-dominated show with its ruby reds, chrome yellows and cobalt blues as well as reminding viewers of the humor and intensity of the superhero tradition in comics.”