By Chris Miskiewicz


After going through one of the longest trials in American history, the Supreme Court passed a verdict based on the overwhelming data that the current state of America’s collective intelligence, and economic demise, as well as its inevitable bankruptcy due to the it’s 100 Trillion Dollar deficit owed to China, was in fact the state of Florida’s fault.

All data confirmed that if Florida had not inexcusably forged and falsified their electoral ballots in the 2000 Bush/Gore Election, allowing George W. Bush to illegally obtain the office of Presidency, then the country would not have fallen so far from it’s former graces.

The evidence brought before the Supreme Court was based on several factors. The first and foremost came from the numbers. The U.S. went from a $5.6 trillion dollar surplus left over from the Clinton administration to that of an $11-plus trillion dollar deficit when George W. Bush left office.

This was due to the simple an inexcusable fact that the administration used its office to give government contracts to the privately owned companies they represented, namely Halliburton.

The war profiteer known as former Vice President Dick Cheney, who many believe to be the true president during the Bush years, Bush being the figurehead, is estimated to have personally earned upwards of hundreds of millions of dollars in stocks and payouts from his time as V.P. However, this number is still unconfirmed due to the many loopholes, tax shelters, and shell corporations that these funds were purposely filtered through.

Cheney was estimated to have been paid over $44 million dollars for the five year’s he worked for Halliburton before becoming Vice President. During his time as the CEO of Halliburton, the company had 58 offshore subsidiaries in the form of Caribbean tax havens. The companies tax payments to the U.S. went from $302 million in 1998 to zero in 1999, and then they had the audacity to receive a refund of $85 million dollars from the IRS.

As VP, Cheney single handedly sold over $10 Billion dollars in contracts and earnings to Halliburton for their work during the Iraq war, while he still held stocks in the company. A conflict of interest in the highest branch of office.

In retrospect one wonders about several factors.

For one, let’s say that Al Gore had become the 43rd President of the United States, we can assume that a few things would not have happened.

First, we know that he would not have allowed the privatization and overcharging of services & meals of American troops in Iraq by Halliburton. We also know that that “War” wouldn’t have happened, since it was all based on speculation and falsified documents of WMD’s, which in fact, never existed. Had these two points alone not occurred the country would not have tumbled into borrowing, doubt, and debt.

Second, had Al Gore become President we know through history that he committed himself to trying to educate the entire world about the threats of climate change as a private citizen. If President, using history as our guide, one assumes that the same man at a higher office would have instituted fundamental changes to the American pollution engine, thereby lessoning America’s “Carbon Footprint” and reducing the effects of global warming throughout implementing changes to American Industry. With less carbon entering the atmosphere, science tells us that things like polar melting, rogue weather patterns, and terrible hurricanes could not have formed with the intensity that we now know them to be. This means storms like Katrina and Sandy would not have been as powerful, or damaging, or as costly to the American economy.

In the final marks of it’s trial against the state of Florida, the Supreme Court focused on the Bush education cuts, which caused America to become stunted as a population, due to severely handicapping many programs.

The population, in the grip of a well planned media induced fear factor, limited education, and a pre-created war time America, changed.

They went from forward thinkers to fearful shut ins. They used the term “Terrorist” as a new catch phrase, but with the same ease and manner in which previous generations said Nigger, Jew, Pollack, or Faggot. The country taught itself how to live in fear and racism, hiding and ignoring the hard truth that they were being lied to by the administration that they “almost” voted into office. The middle states held to the idea that the war was a real war, and not about oil interests. They came to believe that the lost lives that came from the made up conflict were necessary losses, and not based on greed.

America, once proud, once growing, was now stunted, small, and unnecessary in the scope of a global view. In the end of their hearing the Supreme Court said that it all came down to one simple truth.

It was because of the state of Florida.

The decision to revoke Florida’s status as a state and implement the construction of “The Florida Canal” went remarkably quick. Most of the state already suffered from widespread destruction due to yearly hurricane bombardments. The Floridian population, confused by what was occurring, and growing older into it’s senior years put up little defense. “The Tea Party,” a division of the once proud Republican Party, which was comprised of religious fanatics and products of substandard education, urged members to relocate to the Sunshine State. But many did not, having trouble finding their way there.

Jeb Bush, the newly elected leader of the new nation quickly boasted how many other states would soon follow to create a “New America,” but none did, although Texas did attempt to secede for a while. The United States would not allow that to happen.

“We don’t need your stinkin’ country” became the mantra of Texas, and even though the state did its best to continue to persecute minorities, homosexuals, women, and thinkers in the same manner as it always had, the government continued to let more and more Puerto Ricans and Mexicans to relocate there. After a few years there was not a single Caucasian holding a political office in the state.

America went through a new renaissance with the addition of Puerto Rico as the 50th State. With forty percent of America’s ethnicity now being of Latin origin, North America and South America had found an equal balance of partnership and respect for one another. And with the relocation of America’s orange industry, the island state’s infrastructure boomed.

Tourism and culture changed as well. People from all around the world came to spend their summers in the new state. Occasionally cruise ships would have to divert their route due to storms coming close to the nation of Florida, where they’d see it’s coastline littered with burning crosses as the sound of gunfire echoed like firecrackers coming across the sea.

In many ways the new country was symbolic of the horror that could come when democracy is subverted by greed, and its cultural demise showed the world that intelligence and clear thinking, through work, would always shine brighter than the lies of a few.

There is a site dedicated to tourism photos showing the fires in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and the capital in Orlando, which was constructed over Disney’s Cinderella Castle in the former amusement park.

This report was brought to you by Trip City correspondent, Chris Miskiewicz.


– Chris Miskiewicz

– Cover by Chris Miskiewicz