By Eric Skillman and Jorge Coelho

When Corey White was four years old, his mother told him his father had died and left them with nothing. When he was eighteen, his father told him different. But then, his dad’s a con man, so who’s he supposed to believe? Eric Skillman and Jorge Coehlo present SUCKERS.

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Eric Skillman is a graphic designer and art director best known for his work with The Criterion Collection and the (infrequently updated) design process blog, Cozy Lummox ( He also writes comics: his debut graphic novel, LIAR’S KISS, with artist Jhomar Soriano, was published by Top Shelf in 2011. Upcoming projects include the digital anthology series EGG: HARD BOILED STORIES, and SUCKERS, with artist Jorge Coelho, which will be launching soon at Trip City. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and newborn daughter.

Jorge Coelho was born in 1977 in Lisbon, Portugal. Was introduced to crayons and paintbrushes from early on in his life. Never dropped them ever since…
Wanting to be Spider-Man since an early age, he quickly changed his mind and decided to be an Illustrator and still hasn’t figured out what he’s going to do with those pesky web shooters.
Studied Graphic Arts and Communication in Lisbon, and invested in music as amateur bass player.
Presently works as professional free-lance Illustrator for various mediums, from Advertisement to Editorial and always, Comics.