By TRIP CITY Podcast


TRIP CITY Northwest Correspondent Ryan Alexander-Tanner interviews comics creator Farel Dalrymple about his life and times as a professional cartoonist. Dalrymple discusses his progress on his ambitious next graphic novel, The Wrenchies, to be released by First Second upon its completion. They also discuss attitudes towards collaboration, work-for-hire, print vs. digital, serializing work vs. premiering it as a completed graphic novel, Dalrymple’s artistic origins as a student at SVA and a founder of the Meathaus comics movement, his collaborations with Jonathan Lethem on Omega: The Unknown and with Brandom Graham on Prophet, and the subjective nature of success, and lots more!

The TRIP CITY Podcast is produced by Chris Miskiewicz, Seth Kushner, Dean Haspiel and Ryan Alexander-Tanner

Farel Dalrymple photo by Arther Smid

Farel Dalrymple illustration by Ryan Alexander-Tanner