By Matthew Rosenberg and Patrick Kindlon



MENU by Matthew Rosenberg & Patrick Kindlon, is the story of a boy and a dog wandering the wastelands of a future America as they try to keep each other alive in a world running out of food. Episode One: Remember Dodge City is drawn by Tom Scioli.

MENU: Born from the shared loss of the creators’ dogs, MENU follows a human and canine duo as they navigate the wastelands of a post-civilization America. Self-contained short stories, told non-chronologically, form a larger narrative about friendship and survival.

Written by Ashcan Press collaborators, Patrick Kindlon & Matthew Rosenberg, and illustrated by the best talent in indie comics, MENU is an opportunity to tell any type of story that fits the characters and setting. Some will be dark, others cheery, and some gross.

Pulling liberally from classic post-apocalyptic literature and buddy films, all of the series’ influences are on display. MENU is a tribute to both the memory of the dogs that inspired it and to the escapist media that got the authors through their loss. “Neither of our dogs were capable of reading so far as we know,” says series co-creator Kindlon, “but this is still for them.” 

Prepare yourself for camaraderie and cannibalism as Trip City brings you tales from the atomized society every month!

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