By Jef UK

J OHN LOVES WAYNE is the best punk, western, rock song about gay, cowboy lovers ever. This was my second attempt to make a “comic book, music video,” or more accurately, a “graphic lyric sheet,” and as Valentine’s Day is approaching, I thought it would be appropriate to run here on Trip City. As per usual, listen to the song while you read the comic (the caption boxes and dialogue balloons are the lyrics to the song), then come back and I’ll pull on your ear for a spell.

“John Loves Wayne” the song is another Americans UK ditty from the Austin days, written by me and Craig Montoro. After moving to NYC, I became a regular member of the Jinxworld Forums, where I became a big fan of the work of Donal Delay, who had been posting some journal comix and the like on the Bendis Boards. He can communicate so much with his simple, elegant lines. I knew he would be perfect for a story like “John Loves Wayne.” He’d give it class.

The process for this comic was a little different than “I, Ape-Man,” where I gave ZEES a full plot to go along with the lyrics, and more like “Zombies Attack!!!” with artist Blake Sims. Like “Zombies Attack!!!,” “John Loves Wayne” has a fairly strong lyrical narrative, so I just gave cartoonist Donal Delay the lyrics and some brief notes in the margins, and let him work his magic. He’s another one of those guys who can do it all, so why insert myself any further, you know?

If you look closely, you can see that this comic also works as a crossover with the main Americans UK comic:  not only do a time-hopping Jef UK and JTR3 appear amongst the gathered townspeople, but Time Bum is hiding under the bar when the gun fight goes down. Recently, as artist Paul Ahern and I worked on the Time Bum comic, I made sure that we gave another view of this moment, cementing some AM/UK comix continuity (if only for me).

time bum september (small) by jef uk and paul ahern photo 3a88a28a-9768-47af-ac5c-9b5e32eb3b9f_zps01a956b2.jpg
                                                           [Time Bum, “September,” by Jef UK and Paul Ahern.]

Donal is constantly working on his craft, and he keeps getting better and better. You can find him on Twitter @DonalTDeLay, and he’s been working on a regular series titled The Legend of Tanin on the Grayhaven Comics site. If you enjoyed, “John Loves Wayne,” I urge you to buy the print version HERE, because in reformatting this comic for the web, I had to cut some gorgeous pages in half. I think it works, but do yourself a favor and check out the full pages in print. Or you can come to my apartment, because Donal was kind enough to give me all of the original pages. What a sweetheart!

Excerpt of Legend of Tanin by Donal Delay photo Tanin027_TC_zpsc202629c.jpg
[Excerpt from The Legend of Tanin by Donal Delay]

Aight, I’m out like Anderson Cooper. Check out the bonus pin-up by AM/UK series artist Paul Ciaravino below.

-Jef UK


John Loves Wayne design by Paul Ciaravino for Americans UK. photo J3W_TC_zpsc7c47e54.jpg