By Chris Miskiewicz

JUSTICE & CONTROL: COP CITY BLUES – Episode 1 “The Shirtless Man”                                                     Episode 1: “The Detectives are called to investigate several murders at Cop City’s Cemetery where they make an unexpected discovery…”

Policing the streets of Cop City isn’t easy, but these aren’t your average Cops. Join Detective Chandler Ashton St. John, Detective Wagner Murdoch, Detective Thomas Mabeline, and Inspector Marcus Garvey as they fight to keep justice in a city full of crime. Crime has never been this safe!!!

Justice & Control: Cop City Blues – Episode 1 “The Shirtless Man” stars Chris Miskiewicz, Paul Coughlan, Alexander Martin Jones,  Paul Bosche, and Jacob Declement as The Shirtless Man.

Here’s the direct link to the pilot episode:  Episode 1: “The Shirtless Man”

Justice & Control premieres on January 7th, 2013 exclusively on Trip City’s Youtube Channel.