By Jef UK


“Seasonal Town” is a song written and performed by John Mathias about the Holidaze on the Jersey Shore–a Jersey Shore now forever changed by Super Storm Sandy. ¬†Mathias’ photoseries, complimenting the song, captures some places on the shore that simply no longer exist–washed out to sea but a couple of months prior to Christmas.

When I learned about the song, I wanted to post it on Trip City immediately. One, because it’s a toe-tapper of a holiday song, performed live at a friend’s annual Christmas party; and two, because the video reminded me of what we were all so sorry to lose, what we are hopeful to see again in the future, and the importance of what we have left.

Merry X-Men, everyone. And a happy New Mutants.

-Jef UK

(on the day of the apocalypse, 12/21/12)