By Dean Haspiel

(Photograph copyright Judy Parker)

Hannah Means-Shannon writes about the Save Sunny’s Bar origins and benefit that TRIP CITY co-curated, at The Beat.

“When I first moved to Brooklyn in 1997, I heard whispers about an old bar in Red Hook that hadn’t aged. When I first entered Sunny’s, it was like stepping into the past. An era I never lived in but always wanted to visit. And, it was one block away from the sea. It was the first bar I ever went to where the goblins in my head were quelled by the folk art and bluegrass music. I would just melt into the background for hours. It was a destination spot for people who wanted to get away and raise their glass to the Statue of Liberty and toast to an era of New York City that artists and blue collar workers could afford and pontificate a week of hard work.”
–Dean Haspiel