Dino Fight UK

By Jef UK

I n possible memoriam of Time Bum, nay, of all of history itself (if the Mayan calendar is to be completely misinterpreted believed), we’re running some of Time Bum’s original appearances up until the upcoming, final episode of the Time Bum series.

This short little Americans UK ditty that I made with my pal ZEES features the first appearance of Time Bum in a comic, and takes place towards the end of the AM/UK series I continue to make with artist Paul Ciaravino. In my experience, making comix always takes longer than you hope, and I realized right away that I would need to generate short stories that danced between the raindrops of the main series, if I wanted to make Americans UK stories without waiting for Ciaravino and I to finish what should be about an 8-issue run.

Now, those short stories need not tie into the main series (and not every AM/UK short I make does tie in), but I thought it would be more clever if some did, and as a one-page version of this piece originally appeared in an Overflow Magazine profile about the band and comic, I wanted to show off exactly what the series was about–i.e., Jef UK and JTR3 on the run through time to save their murdered band mates.

In the main series, Jef UK and JTR3 are running around in the future trying to sort out what to do next, and, spoiler alert, in one of the as-0f-yet unpublished events towards the end of the main series, Jef and JT get lost in time trying to come back to the present. I realized that I could tell an infinite amount of stories using that premise, and still have it jive up with the main comic. So, along with Yo Gabba-Gabardine, Dino Fight UK is (or will be?) an “untold tale” of Americans UK, if you will.

Anyway, it’s fun and short, and I hope you dig it. Also, if you’d like to read some longer form comics by ZEES and me, check out Just Super: The Gentleman No More, right HERE , and Just Super: Bibbn’s Bodega, right HERE on Trip City!

One if by land, two if by sea, three if by rock.


Jef UK

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