By Seth Kushner

TRIP CITY, the Brooklyn-filtered literary arts salon was birthed into existence on November 1, 2011 by a cadre of four creatives; Dean Haspiel (BILLY DOGMA, Emmy Award Winning Artist of HBO’s Bored To Death), Seth Kushner (Leaping Tall Buildings, CulturePOP), Jeffrey Burandt (AMERICANS UK) and Chris Miskiewicz (EVERYWHERE).

The goal of TRIP CITY was to create an online community where 21st Century auteurs showcase their most personal, creator-owned, signature works. During its first year, TRIP CITY showcased regular free content by a wide array of artists including: Haspiel’s essay/process/prose series Room Tone and his comic The Last Romantic Antihero, Kushner’s comic Schmuck and his photocomix profile series CulturePOP, Burandt’s single-panel series Time Bum and Clash Fiction essays, Miskiewicz’s essay series Signals, Joe Infurnari’s (MUSH! Sled Dogs with Issues, Marathon) comic Time Fucker, Jennifer Hayden’s (Underwire) comic strip S’Crapbook, Nick Abadzis’ (Laika) single panel Subterranean Stories, Jen Ferguson’s (Art in Chaos) Metrollpolis, Ron Scalzo’s (Bald Freak Music) essay series A Dozen Movies That Scared The Shit Out Of Me, Revisited, Hannah Means-Shannon’s (The Beat) reportage series ChronicleSandra Beasley’s (Don’t Kill the Birthday Girl, I Was The Jukebox) prose series Modern Alice, Dan Goldman’s (Shooting War, Red Light Properties) essay series Toucainui, Kevin Colden’s (Fishtown) comic series Baby With A Mohawk, Vito Delsante’s (FCHS) crime prose Steel City Noir, plus works by Jonathan Vankin (The World’s Greatest Conspiracies), Amy Finkel (Furever), Jeff Newelt (Heeb Magazine, The Pekar Project), Amanda Ferguson (HBO’s Luck), Jessica Glick (Vagabond), and others.

Another important feature this past year has been the TRIP CITY Podcast, which has included such notable guests as; Michael Moore, Henry Rollins, Miranda July, Jonathan Lethem, Bob Fingerman, Becky Cloonan, Lizz Winstead, Chuck Klosterman, Daniel Johnston, and more.

Also, this past year saw TRIP CITY produce and perform the TRIP CITY Salon in June 2012 at Fornino Brooklyn, and released the Trip City Visitors Guide, a print version of the site.

What’s New at TRIP CITY

Writer Eric Skillman (Liar’s Kiss, designer at The Criterion Collection) and artist Joge Coelho’s new monthly urban noir comic. When Corey White was eight years old, his mother told him his father had died and left them with nothing. When he was eighteen, his father told him different. But then, his dad’s a con man, so who’s he supposed to believe? (debuting November 15)

 A new monthly series from Indie-comix darling Noah Van Sciver, the creator of Blammo, and The Hypo: The Melancholic Young Lincoln. (debuting November 16)

TRIP CITY Podcast 21 After a brief hiatus the podcast returns to bi-weekly scheduling with an episode featuring Jef Uk’s interview with Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O’Malley and Kushner’s interview with Sean Howe, author of Marvel Comics: The Untold Story. The podcast is produced by Chris Miskiewicz and features new photos by Seth Kushner.

SECRET IDENTITYA nine-minute short film directed by Christopher Piazza and written by Chris Miskiewicz, about an office where everyone is really a D-Level super hero. Starring comedian Zachariah Durr, Chris Miskiewicz & Paul Coughlan.

SCHMUCK 7: The Ex-Factor
 Seth Kushner’s semi-autobio “comix neurotica” returns with a new episode drawn by Brazilian artist George Schall (Dark Horse Presents) in which our “hero” Adam Kessler revisits his ex-girlfriends to see if he somehow took a wrong turn somewhere.

A LETTER LASTS LONGERFresh off the heels of his three-week comix residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in Florida, Dean Haspiel and his eight associates did a storytelling exercise where they illustrated text written by Haspiel in nine different ways. “A Letter Lasts Longer” celebrates the power of comix while spotlighting the poignancy of interpretation.

The new episode of the regular comic written by Jeffrey Burandt, aka Jef UK, and drawn by ZeeS.  The series imagines the capes-and-cowl set as just another wave of gentrification.  (debuting November 14)

 Dan Goldman’s short fiction about a group of dead gangsters pickling in chemical soup at the bottom of the Gowanus until they are revealed for a few hours after the tide goes back out post-Hurricane Sandy.  (debuting November 13)

Finally, International Groove Selector, DJ Ray Velasquez, made an original TRIP CITY mix dubbed “Tech Noir: Trip City Session”

Coming soon to TRIP CITY

New TRIP CITY Podcasts featuring Stoya & Katelan Foisy, Josh Simmons, Frank Quitely & Joe Keatinge, Mark Waid & Eric Skillman, plus more!

A monthly comic series written by Matthew Rosenberg and Patrick Kindlon (Ashkan Press) and illustrated by a host of artists.  MENU is the story of a boy and a dog wandering the wastelands of a future America as they try to keep each other alive in a world running out of food. It’s a love letter to dead pets, dark tales by folks like McCarthy and Ellison, and standalone adventure comic stories like GROO, JONAH HEX, and KAMANDI. The first episode is drawn by Tom Scioli, and tells the story of the beginning of the end of a long feud that goes back to the earliest days of the famine. Launching December 7

The Page by Paige cartoonist presents monthly single-panel images that she’s working together into themes, so that readers will get a series of New Yorker-style images on, say, “love” or “travel,” on any given week—comix meditations on a theme, if you will. Launching in January

 A video series parody which pokes fun at prime time cop shows. Justice & Control: Cop City Blues stars Chris Miskiewicz, Paul Coughlan, Alexander Martin Jones, and Paul Bosche as four of the strangest police detectives anyone has ever seen. J&C is written, directed, and produced by Chris Miskiewicz. Launching in January.

A new biweekly video series hosted by Natalie Kim (Supertwins!) and George O’Connor (Olympians) in which they navigate the worlds of Independent and Alternative comics, offering up reviews of some of the best comix work being produced today, as well as interviews and behind-the-scenes moments with the medium’s most innovative creators. InkedTV is serious comics discussion delivered with a silly smile.

2013 also sees the release of Where Giants Walk, the newest record from sci-fi rockers Americans UK, and of course, Trip City will be the virtual home to some exclusive comic-book-videos and other multimedia concepts from Americans UK. AM/UK is teaming up with bassist John “Johnny Flagday” Mathias for a new comic-book-music-video titled “Titans Of Tyranny,” and the results are gorgeous, compelling and frightening.

Look for more surprises and announcements soon at