By TRIP CITY Podcast

Seth Kushner sits with pornstar Stoya.  The interview was conducted with Seth in a chair and Stoya laying in her bed next to him,  Listen for Seth getting understandably flustered, as they discuss her career in porn and having sex on camera, the business and realities of porn, and on how she provides advice about sexual myths and body image through social media.  Also, be sure to view Seth’s CulturePOP Photocomix profile on Stoya.

Listen for the chirping birds in the background as Seth also interviews artist and Mistress of Magic Katelan Foisy at NY’Cs Gramercy Park.  They talk about Katelan’s gypsy nature, her paintings, her history with witchery and tarot, her artistic crew, her role in Cynthia Von Buhler’s Speakeasy Dollhouse and the recent collaboration between Katelan,  Seth and Chris Miskiewicz.  View at gallery of Katelan’s work at La Gitana: The Art of Katelan Foisy.

The TRIP CITY Podcast is produced by Chris Miskiewicz

Photography by Seth Kushner