By Jessica Glick

I drove down the street to his place. He met me outside and we walked up his familiar white staircase. I braced myself to be momentarily engulfed by the painting hanging on the wall to the right. Each time I visit, it immediately distracts me until he speaks again and I’m forced to refocus.

 He walked into the kitchen and removed a bottle that had been chilling in his fridge. I grabbed two glasses and poured us a drink. I took a seat on his couch, placing his beverage on the table. He sat down and asked how I was doing, as he always does. Attempting to avoid his question, my attentions returned to the painting hanging behind me. On canvas and stretching nearly the entire wall, an artist painted it for him after being inspired by Miles Davis’ album Bitches Brew. I suddenly craved to listen to the record and so he put it on. We sat there for a moment and just listened…

 …Music is what led us to meet.  I had told my then next-door neighbor that I worked in bookings, which prompted him to mention that he had just met someone who worked in music as well, so he introduced us. We quickly became friends and began working together.

Former manager of the popular 90s hip-hop group Digable Planets, he now considers himself a producer. He recently developed the hip-hop and soul artist F. Stokes while continuing to work on his own music. His current musical endeavor is a mixture of hard and urban/alternative hip-hop, which sometimes slips into popular music and underground beats. Influenced by his past, the sounds and scenes of the late 80s and early 90s created his love for music. Recalling on the moment he realized his path, he mentions a visit to a house in west LA, where the site of a friend looping with guitar petals, two turntables, and drums, instantly inspired him. Sampling, which he refers to as a movement within a movement, is something he knew he had to be apart of and still experiments with today.

 Deciding it was time to change records, he rose and walked over to his computer. He chose an African album I wasn’t sure if I had heard before. Returning to his seat, he closed his eyes for a brief moment in appreciation, undoubtedly for music…

-Jessica Glick

Jessica Glick is a photographer, writer, and music lover. She developed an interest in photography while working at various Lower East Side music venues. Jessica started photographing local musician and has now expanded her work to include fine art and fashion. In addition to photography, Jessica has been writing since she was a child. Attempting to combine her writings with her photo work, she created an ongoing portrait/story series called VAGABOND.

(Digable Planets)

(F. Stokes)