By Dean Haspiel

On September 9th, 2012, in the active Green Room of the Baltimore Comicon, I had the great fortune to talk to Mark Waid, one of my favorite genre writers in comic books [his run on THE FANTASTIC FOUR with the late/great Mike Wieringo is perennial], the day after he won several Harvey Awards for his brilliant revamp of DAREDEVIL for Marvel Comics. Accompanied by Seth Kushner and Christina Whalen Blanch, we discuss Mark’s now infamous controversial 2010 Harvey Awards keynote speech about the future of digital comics, putting his money where his mouth is with the digital comics platform Thrillbent, and Christina’s upcoming web-series. We also discuss what makes a Mark Waid comic, his upcoming relaunch of THE HULK for Marvel Comics, and what franchise characters Mark would like to collaborate with me on [swoon]!

–Dean Haspiel

Photographs by Seth Kushner.