By Dean Haspiel

On September 9th, 2012, in the active Green Room of the Baltimore Comicon, I had the great fortune to talk to Frank Quitely, one of my favorite comic book artists of the 21st Century, while he drew a “Robin” commission. We discussed what other franchise characters Frank would give the same treatment he gave to ALL-STAR SUPERMAN [answer: HULK], what informs and influences his work, isolating the perfect graphic moments to obtain narrative suspense, his desire to write and delve into memoir, his love for symmetry and balance, abandoning ink for digital finish, and his upcoming collaborations on JUPITER’S CHILDREN with Mark Millar, and PAX AMERICANA with Grant Morrison. Alas, the conversation was cut short when Harvey Award winning colorist and mutual friend, Jose Villarrubia, swung by to steal Frank away for their panel.

–Dean Haspiel


Photographs by Seth Kushner.