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S o… what can I say about Noah Van Sciver? This guy is about to take the comics world by storm with his first graphic novel, “The Hypo” about a young, tortured Abraham Lincoln, long before he has his eyes on the presidency. It doesn’t hurt that the book will hit stores around the time Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” hits theatres. (Nice timing, Gary Groth!)

And speaking of Spielberg, I thought Noah would be perfect for this short story about my feelings surrounding my first viewing of this black and white film.  I think he was in the middle of drawing The Hypo, and his use of expert cross-hatching caught the exact atmospheric tone I was going for in this one.

This is Noah’s second story with me and I hope not the last.  The first one was about where my local baseball loyalties lie.  Bonus strip!

Not only am I happy that Noah’s old school in the way that he works on paper, I’m ecstatic that I own some of his original art from So Buttons, The Hypo, and his own one-man anthology, Blammo!

With this final (for now?) So Buttons strip for Trip City, you’re getting a sneak peek at the newest issue of So Buttons, #5! It premieres at the one of the best and longest running indie cons, Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD on Sept. 15th.  For that issue and more, please visit

-Jonathan Baylis

Before Jonathan Baylis wrote auto-bio comics, he interned at Marvel Comics, Valiant/Acclaim Comics, and was an Associate Editor at Topps Comics. His comics have been published locally in New York City in Free Comics NYC, The Comical Magazine, & The Comedians Magazine. “So… Only Nixon Could’ve Gone to China” was the first comic story to be published in The Florida Review. His first fiction story with David Beyer was published by Arcana Press in Dark Horrors 2. Jonathan & T.J. have two-pagers that were published in the Random House/Three Rivers press collection edited by Julia Wertz, “I Saw You… Missed Connections”, as well as Poseur Ink’s “Side B: The Music Lover’s Comic Anthology”.

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