By Dean Haspiel


I’ve been invited to be a guest at Baltimore Comicon and the Small Press Expo (SPX), this year. I will be debuting the print version of my Billy Dogma comic, THE LAST ROMANTIC ANTIHERO, at SPX but I may have some advance copies in Baltimore. So, please, be sure to swing by and see what I’ve got (including copies of TRIP CITY Visitor’s Guide 2012).

The Last Romantic Antihero
By Dean Haspiel
Color / 24-pages
Ten Dollars [$10]
While living through a modern apocalypse sparked by apathy and indifference, love titans Billy Dogma and Jane Legit are sent a message from the future and learn they have to “make the new love.”

“Pekar meets Tarkovsky” – Douglas Rushkoff

“Masterful cartoons from comics’ greatest epic-poet” – Nick Bertozzi


In Baltimore, I will be sharing my table with Seth Kushner, Joe Infurnari, and Reilly Brown, and I will be presenting at The Harvey Awards.

Joe Infurnari will be selling and signing copies of Marathon [written by Boaz Yakin], and MUSH! Sled Dogs with Issues [written by Glenn Eichler], and will have advance copies of TIME F#CKER.

Time F#cker
By Joe Infurnari
In the Oven Press
$8 Regular (Limited to 200 copies)
$15 Deluxe Edition (Limited to 100 copies) incl. limited edition 1.25″ button and original sketch!
Sal Ghesboro has just found Thomas Edison’s Peepshow Time Machine and he knows exactly what he’s going to do with it. He’s going back in time to impregnate the moms of his greatest detractors before they were born; Time F#cking them out of existence. And who is his first victim? His very own brother, of course!

Seth Kushner will be selling and signing copies of his book, LEAPING TALL BUILDINGS: The Origins of American Comics, limited edition LTB prints by me, Peter Kuper, and Becky Cloonan, to benefit the CBLDF [Comic Book Legal Defense Fund], CulturePOP Photocomix limited edition book collecting four installments of Seth Kushner’s web series featuring; bootleg toy designer Sucklord, aerialist Lisa Natoli, Bronx Flavor TV host Barron Ambrosia and graffiti artist/sculptor Carlos ‘Mare 139’ Rodriguez, and debut his very first mini-comic, SCHMUCK: Bush, Boobs, + Brooklyn Edition, collecting two episodes of Seth Kushner’s autobio “comix neurotica” drawn by Ryan Alexander-Tanner and Pierce Hargan.

Reilly Brown will be selling prints, sketches, and SKETCHES, THE ART OF REILLY BROWN: Volume One, while hawking his digital comix; Power Play, and AvX Infinite, and holding up the fort drawing commissions.

SMALL PRESS EXPO, Sept 15th – 16th

The day before SPX, I will be doing a talk at The Library of Congress with SPX executive director, Warren Bernard, from 12pm – 1pm on Friday, Sept. 14th, at the West Dining Room, 6th Floor, of the Madison Building. I will read slide projections of some of my creator-owned comix and we will discuss SPX and my donation of over 600 mini-comics to The Library of Congress. Me and my table-mate, Joe Infurnari, will officially debut  TIME FUCKER, and THE LAST ROMANTIC ANTIHERO.

On Sunday, Sept. 16th, I will be doing a panel:
Images of America: Real and Imagined
4:00 pm | Brookside Conference Room

Comics excel at images of place, refracted across multiple panels and filtered through an artist’s hand. Nick Abadzis portrayed a mythical America in his recently-collected Hugo Tate. Dean Haspiel balances personal experience and high-flying romance in his depictions of New York City. Stan Mack portrays a street-level vision of daily life in his “Real Life Funnies” and elsewhere. Ben Towle’s online comic Oyster War depicts an imaginary historical America. Isaac Cates will lead these four artists in a conversation about images of place in comics.

Check out the rest of the SPX programming:


Looking forward to seeing y’all at both shows!