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Ah, Sundance… Channel.  My first real paying job in the film/tv industry after my $5 a day internship at October Films (a sincere R.I.P. for the great Bingham Ray).  The crazy fluke of that Sundance gig was that it required my antiquated skills of linear editing on a ¾” editing deck to create sales tapes for the marketing team.

When I joined Sundance, it was a partnership between Polygram/Gramercy, Showtime, and Redford.  Like October FIlms, Polygram/Gramercy got bought out by Universal (who I sort of work for now, with an NBC before it) and then the whole shebang got sold to Rainbow, now AMC Networks.  It used to be the intelligent, independent cinema channel, but now it resembles some sort of fashion network or something. I barely recognize it. (Same can be said of IFC, which seems to be a hipster version of Comedy Central)

The #2 guy that got fired at Sundance was coincidentally a guy I worked with when I was a go-fer (Go fer this, go fer that…) at an animation production company that I interned at during college at NYU. I remember him working on the launch of the Cartoon Network and that checker-board logo coming through, rolling out on the ancient FAX machine. What an Adventure kind of Time.

It’s the second time that NY Knights cap would appear.  The first was in the last Trip City-featured strip, So Intrepid.

T.J. Kirsch has been with me since the beginning, having had art in every So Buttons published. Recently, he drew the excellent “She Died in Terrebonne” written by Kevin Church.

-Jonathan Baylis

Before Jonathan Baylis wrote auto-bio comics, he interned at Marvel Comics, Valiant/Acclaim Comics, and was an Associate Editor at Topps Comics. His comics have been published locally in New York City in Free Comics NYC, The Comical Magazine, & The Comedians Magazine. “So… Only Nixon Could’ve Gone to China” was the first comic story to be published in The Florida Review. His first fiction story with David Beyer was published by Arcana Press in Dark Horrors 2. Jonathan & T.J. have two-pagers that were published in the Random House/Three Rivers press collection edited by Julia Wertz, “I Saw You… Missed Connections”, as well as Poseur Ink’s “Side B: The Music Lover’s Comic Anthology”.

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