By Seth Kushner

The sad news of Joe Kubert’s passing came to me today from Steve Niles’s Facebook feed.  I had the honor of spending some time with Mr. Kubert back in 2008 when I traveled out to The Kubert School in Dover, NJ to take his portrait for my book, Leaping Tall Buildings: The Origins Of American Comics.  He was 81 at the time and sitting over his art table drawing when I arrived at his office.  I took a peek over his shoulder as he rose to greet me and those famous Kubert lines were unmistakable on the page.  I was nervous, as one might feel when meeting a legend, but Mr. Kubert put me at ease.

Joe Kubert began working in comics when he was only 12-years old and he continued doing so for the rest of his life, putting his iconic stamp on such works as; Hawkman, Sgt. Rock, Tor and many more. When my Leaping Tall Buildings partner Christopher Irving interviewed Mr. Kubert he made the very apt observation that Kubert’s recent work did not look like the work of someone at the end of their career, but instead he looked to be at the height of his career.  I this this is clearly evident in his more recent books; Jew Gangster, Fax from Sarajevo, Yossel and Dong Xoai.

Joe Kubert left on indelible mark on the comics industry and he will be greatly missed.  His legacy lives on through his sons, Andy and Adam, both successful and talented cartoonists in the own right, as well as through the hundreds of students he taught at The Kubert School.

-Seth Kushner

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