CulturePOP – James Haspiel

By Seth Kushner

W hen author and archivist, James Haspiel, was 16-years old, he received a kiss on the cheek from Marilyn Monroe and, thus, began a friendship that would last until MM’s untimely death. He has kept an incredible collection of personal items that belonged to MM and is considered a respectful yet world renowned authority on Marilyn Monroe. He has advised authors and journalists on the life of MM and the real personality behind the iconic mask, as well as offering first hand information to several televised documentaries.

In, Marilyn – The Ultimate Look at the Legend, James Haspiel deftly recounts his experiences tracking and photographing “Mazzie” everywhere from glamorous movie events to quiet outings with friends and other private moments while reverently observing the real woman behind the headlines. Haspiel’s book is a personal, knowledgeable, and sensitive reminiscence from an illuminating perspective made evident with photographs, clippings, and memorabilia.

You can listen to the TRIP CITY podcast interview between James Haspiel and his son, Dean Haspiel, here.