Before Time Fucker: Wonder Toe!

By Joe Infurnari

H ad I only a smidgen of the “Happy Wonder of the Foot Wisdom”, I might have known better than to concoct a story and cover like Wonder Toe! But I didn’t and so we have another hypothetical graphic novel that is a translation of a hypothetical Japanese manga. The synopsis went like this:

As a child Tomoe Gato loved the water! Summers at the family cottage were some of his happiest memories. That is, of course, until his foot fell through the dock, severing his big toe. The promise that life held for Tomoe stopped that day. He kept his severed toe in a jar and withdrew from his teasing friends. Pupo, Tomoe’s phantom toe,  became his sole friend and confidant. Unfortunately Pupo’s outward charm and consolation were laced with a bitterness and envy that polluted Tomoe’s outlook.

As a bitter and joyless adult Tomoe eventually sought out the cause of his inability to be happy. He remembered fondly his experiences as a child and soon was able to isolate the moment his life took a turn for the worst. With jar in hand and Pupo in tow, Tomoe walked the dock. Distracted by a flood of memories he again fell and dropped the jar. His severed toe fell into the lake! Before Tomoe could react, his toe sprung from the lake a mermaid called Wato! Unlike Pupo, Wato always looked on the bright side.

By confronting his past, Tomoe again found happiness. He was now able to move on with his life with a more balanced perspective coming from both Pupo and Wato!

Like any other translation, Wonder Toe! had some cultural differences that needed to be smoothed out for English speaking readers. The original synopsis as provided by the Japanese went like this:

Tomoe Gato love water! The summer cottage was the family of some of his happiest memories. His feet at the dock, until it falls off his thumb, of course. Life is a promise that day conference Tomoe stopped. He protects his broken leg in the bottle, pulled out of teasing by friends. Dubrovnik, Tomoe phantom toes, and his only friend and confidante. Outside of the comfort and charm of Dubrovnik. Unfortunately, laced with bitter envy, Tomoe pollution forecast.

Tomoe bitter and boring as an adult sought to cause him not to be happy in the end. He is lovingly remembered now his life experiences as a child was able to isolate the moment took a turn for the worst. Dubrovnik to get traction in the jar file, Tomoe walked the dock. His memories will flood and fell again distracted by the jar dropped. His leg broken, fell into the lake! Tomoe response before, his feet came from the lake, called Wato mermaid! Unlike Dubrovnik and, Wato is always looked on the bright side.

By confronting their past, Tomoe found happiness again. He is now both Dubrovnik and more balanced perspective comes from Wato able to move on with his life!

Needless to say, it took some doing shaping this story for North American consumption. Thanks for reading this week’s installment of Before Time F*cker. Stay with us for next week’s penultimate post of hypothetical plots and panels…NAMBLA The Graphic Novel.

‘Nuff Said!

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