By Seth Kushner

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Dean Haspiel sits with author Christopher Irving and photographer Seth Kushner to discuss the origin of their new book, Leaping Tall Buildings: The Origins Of American Comics, a love letter to the comic book industry.  The book tells the  history of comics through 50 creator profiles including; Art Spiegelman, Al Jaffee, Dean Haspiel, Chris Ware, Denny O’Neil, Becky Cloonan, Brian Micahel Bendis, Josh Neufeld, Joe Simon, Jessica Abel, Frank Miller, Gene Colan, Grant Morrison, Harvey Pekar, Jill Thompson, Jimmy Palmiotti, Larry Hama, Michael Kupperman, Mike Allred, Neal Adams, Neil Gaiman, Paul Pope (all pictured in the above gallery) and many more.

[Legendary MAD Magazine artist Al Jaffee with his copy of Leaping Tall Buildings. Photo by Chris Irving]

The book has been garnering strong reviews:

Publisher’s Weekly posted a nice interview / article and of the book says, “A new book about the comics industry is nearly as epic as the field’s history itself.”

Flavorwire says of Leaping: “You may think you know the men and women behind your favorite superheroes, but of course, there’s yet another man behind Clark Kent — his creator.” featured Leaping Tall Buildings, along with interviews with Kushner and Irving and a gallery of images from the book by Kushner, and noted that “Leaping Tall Buildings: The Origins of American Comics gives the writers and artists who create them a chance to shine.”

Huffington Post featured a gallery of Kushner’s photos and says, “A major part of the book is the art of photographer Seth Kushner, who has captured remarkable images of some of the biggest living names in comics.”

The New York Times calls the book “a great survey of many of the talented men and women behind the characters.”

The Wall Street Journal refers to Leaping as “a collection of brief and beautifully illustrated profiles of comic-book artists.”

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