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H i folks!  This story is probably as “dirty” as it gets for So Buttons. This might also be my most faux-tobiographical piece. (and Gabrielle Bell could be the current champ of that crown. Check out her great work)  That last panel is kind of pushing it.  I didn’t really do the research.

But speaking of that last panel, it wasn’t the original panel drawn for the story.  That would be this one .  Before I had ideas to self-publish my stories into a So Buttons collection, this appeared in a literary anthology called Wild River Review .  The editor was writing a book on African-American women and their sociological place in society.  She had no problem with the porn aspect of the story, but she wanted the characters on the box to be more “equal”, hence the redone character poses with them facing each other.  The gag for me was the hat and the language on the box, so I didn’t mind that change.  My artist David, on the other hand, wasn’t crazy about the change.  He thought that many women enjoyed the doggie-style position and that it was a reverse sexist request.  There’s something to that I guess, but he changed the panel and I never followed up with that editor to express David’s feelings.  I wonder what she’d think of that?

David Beyer Jr. is a graduate of the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon Art.  I remember seeing the ads for that school in comics growing up, with graduates like Steve Bissette, Rick Veitch, and John Totleben. I found him through a Craigslist ad and he’s been in every issue of So Buttons so far. Great, talented guy.
 -Jonathan Baylis



Before Jonathan Baylis wrote auto-bio comics, he interned at Marvel Comics, Valiant/Acclaim Comics, and was an Associate Editor at Topps Comics. His comics have been published locally in New York City in Free Comics NYC, The Comical Magazine, & The Comedians Magazine. “So… Only Nixon Could’ve Gone to China” was the first comic story to be published in The Florida Review. His first fiction story with David Beyer was published by Arcana Press in Dark Horrors 2. Jonathan & T.J. have two-pagers that were published in the Random House/Three Rivers press collection edited by Julia Wertz, “I Saw You… Missed Connections”, as well as Poseur Ink’s “Side B: The Music Lover’s Comic Anthology”.

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