SO BUTTONS: So I Went to L.A

By Guest Contributor

F or Issue #3 of So Buttons, I went a different route.  I wanted an issue to collect the couple of fiction comics I had written for horror anthologies Arcana’s “Dark Horrors 2” and Accent UK’s  “Predators”.  But it wouldn’t have been a So Buttons book without an auto-bio story, hence the EC-inspired, horror-tinged “So… I Went to L.A.”

“L.A.” was actually one of the first comic stories I ever tried to write, but there was something about the writing that eluded me until years later.  Maybe I read more EC Comics during that time.

My art-partner, Thomas Boatwright, has worked on horror stories of his own, but with a western flavor called Zeke Deadwood. I love what he did with the Title page.

See how he graduated from the pencils to the version with color.

It’s true that Sara, I mean, Lara and I found that dead body, but I think the rest of the trip was way more pleasant than that. I remember we wound up at some Santa Barbara winery that was having an outdoor concert that night in front of their vineyard. Aimee Mann and her husband Michael Penn!  But because they claimed to not have the gift of gab, they employed a stand-up comic named Todd Barry to speak for them between numbers.  Fun concept, and years later, I’d meet that comic again through my comedian wife, Ophira Eisenberg.  They’ve shared a stage many a time.
-Jonathan Baylis

Before Jonathan Baylis wrote auto-bio comics, he interned at Marvel Comics, Valiant/Acclaim Comics, and was an Associate Editor at Topps Comics. His comics have been published locally in New York City in Free Comics NYC, The Comical Magazine, & The Comedians Magazine. “So… Only Nixon Could’ve Gone to China” was the first comic story to be published in The Florida Review. His first fiction story with David Beyer was published by Arcana Press in Dark Horrors 2. Jonathan & T.J. have two-pagers that were published in the Random House/Three Rivers press collection edited by Julia Wertz, “I Saw You… Missed Connections”, as well as Poseur Ink’s “Side B: The Music Lover’s Comic Anthology”.

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