Delerium Imaginarium

By Jen Ferguson

“delerium imaginarium” – that which results from the integration of spirits and art-making.

I selected the art for this show based on one simple criteria; that all of the paintings depict their own unique and complete world. Each work began with a singular idea and invites the viewer into its spectrum. There are infinite stories one can create looking into these dioramas in paint. In fact, the word “diorama” literally means “through that which is seen”. I have always felt that images are a portal through which our imaginations can travel, explore and create freely. I thought about the ambiance paintings can bring to a room; these paintings in particular seemed to have a mysterious openness that I felt would be appropriate for a place where people are gathered to enjoy wine, and the company of others, which I intended the art to be a part of.

Jen Ferguson

Please read Hannah Means-Shannon’s chronicle of “Delerium Imaginarium” art opening at Brooklyn Oenology.

Jen Ferguson lives and works as a full time artist in Brooklyn, NY, where she paints and creates strange worlds through which to filter a life of quixotic artistic endeavors. Jen’s art is featured in the Blue Ribbon Restaurants where she created the menu art and décor since its inception, and was published in “Art of the Brooklyn Bridge: A Visual History” [Richard Haw, Routledge 2008]. Jen has created wine label art for Brooklyn Oenology, and “Railbirds,” an ongoing drawing project inspired by the Aqueduct Racetrack. She most recently collaborated with composer and artist JG Thirlwell on “DUMBO: A Pagan Walks Among Us,” a comic published in BookCourt’s Cousin Corrine’s Reminder, and her paintings were featured in HBO’S Bored to Death. Jen’s work may be viewed at and; her prints are available at