By Dean Haspiel

The primary directive of TRIP CITY is to create and curate cool content. For us bias. The internet is one big sketch pad for beta-testing old and new ideas and what better way to flex the muscle to meet the desire? TRIP CITY may be free for you but we gain valuable information from your reactions while sparking a spirited dialogue that allows for community and creative momentum. Sometimes we get disgruntled by the state of the industry and wax and whine about our freelance woes. But, curiously, that’s the stuff that gets y’all swinging. So, we rummaged through our TRIP CITY archives and discovered some worthy “hot topics” to revisit as they seem more relevant then ever before. What’s that old French proverb? “The more things change the more they stay the same.”

“Publish or Perish” ~  r/evolution of the comix auteur
“Make Mine Me” ~ a battle cry to commit to your own concepts
“Where Have All The New Ideas Gone?” ~ a comment on corporate contracts
“Kill Fee” ~ the life and death of a pop culture illustration
“Goodbye Impulse Buy?” ~ a look at shopping practices via my DIRK DAVIES blog at ShiftyLook
“Copyright Seth Kushner” ~ putting a stop to copyright violence
“Who Reviews The Reviewers” ~ a reaction to the Wall Street Journal review of Leaping Tall Buildings

But it’s not all sturm und drang as we sometimes take TRIP CITY on the road, which is our secondary directive, and you can read all about it via Hannah Means-Shannon’s chronicles:

Cinco de Sandra
TRIP CITY Salon @Fornino’s