By TRIP CITY Podcast

Author Chuck Klosterman is interviewed by Ron Scalzo, who guest-hosts and guest-produced this episode.  Topics discussed include Klosterman’s latest novel The Visible Man; his books Killing Yourself To Live, Fargo Rock City, Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs; his love of watching football; the finale of the ABC TV series Lost; current shows he admires like AMC’s Breaking Bad; Guns N’ Roses and Radiohead; his writing philosophy and much, much more.

The featured song is  “Not For You” from the album If It Takes All Night by The Head Set.

Plus, a new anxiety-ridden edition of “Ronnie’s Story,” relating to Chuck Klosterman.

Special thanks to BookCourt, Brooklyn’s premiere independent bookstore.

Be sure to view Seth Kushner’s CulturePOP Photocomix Profile on Chuck Klosterman, based upon this interview.  Pick up Chuck Klosterman’s works here.

[Ron Scalzo interviews Chuck Klosterman at his Brooklyn home]

The TRIP CITY podcast is produced by Chris Miskiewicz, Dean Haspiel, and Seth Kushner.  This episode is guest-produced by Ron Scalzo.

Photographs by Seth Kushner.