By Dean Haspiel

For my latest blog that accompanies my free webcomic series, THE FIVE-DIMENSIONAL ADVENTURES OF DIRK DAVIES [written by Ben McCool and colored by Allen Passalaqua for ShiftyLook], I interviewed Mark Waid, Josh Neufeld, Gabrielle Bell, Seth Kushner, Jennifer Hayden, Jim Dougan, and Jeff Newelt about “Free Webcomics.”

“The advantage of producing a webcomic that is available for free is to have your work possibly seen and read globally while branding and marketing your idea. It allows you to build and invigorate a loyal community among your fans and peers and the work, itself, acts as an agent-of-sorts, working for you while you sleep in hopes you’ll get hired to do more of the stuff you like to do. So, in the spirit of that mantra, I asked some prominent webcomics creators and self-publishers a question: What is the benefit of financing and producing webcomics that are made to be read for free and what can we expect to enjoy from your website?”

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