By Guest Contributor

“Surplus Property” is a story of passing worlds erased by time and appetite, and humble, steadfast lives not swept away so easily. You can’t keep a good regret from resurfacing, and our melancholy vignette began as a concept for a certain big-media detective character whose comic was cutting its price and its backpage short-story presence right as I was readying a proposal I hoped they couldn’t refuse. I realized that the story’s players, like all ideas insisting you hear them, had a life of their own, and could have their own names too. Thus The Suit muscled his way into my mind. He couldn’t fill into my eyes until I met Reid Psaltis, poet of crisp murk and lyrical portraitist of creatures who can’t but must exist. His palette of shadows was a wine-dark inkwell I thought, er, suits our story ideally, and he was the artist with the careful eye and benevolent heart to see these characters for who they were and catch their words on the breeze blowing back out over shadowed, forgotten seas. So we cast our lost, lonely urban stage-play upon the open waters of the internet, spotted by the vigilant beacon of Dean Haspiel and proof that no mark we leave is ever washed away.

–Adam McGovern

Adam McGovern posts webcomics (with Paolo Leandri and Frank Reynoso) and practices pop punditry (with no one to blame but himself) at He contributed to every issue of the acclaimed indie newsprint broadsheet pood (with Leandri and Charles Fetherolf), and his live comics event Funnybook/Tragicbook was staged at Brooklyn’s Brick Theater in summer 2011 (with artists Stefano Pavan, Mirko Benotto and Giuseppe Palumbo and the royalty-in-exile of the off-off-Broadway stage). Adam adapts nine comics from Italy’s GG Studio for the U.S. audience (with co-conspirator Andrea Plazzi), proofreads and kibitzes graphic novels for First Second, and has published stories and essays with Image Comics. He has lectured and moderated at the Ben Katchor-instigated NY Comics & Picture-story Symposium and assorted comic-cons, museums and universities. He dwells in Possibility, New Jersey, and raised a stray cat, who never calls.

Reid Psaltis lives in Portland, Oregon where he drinks too much coffee and draws things he likes. In addition to writing, illustrating, and self-publishing comics he is also an oil painter, dachshund owner, and aficionado of the natural sciences. His work has also appeared in Top Shelf 2.0, The Matter, and The Devastator Quarterly. More of his work can be seen at