By TRIP CITY Podcast

In Episode 13 of the TRIP CITY podcast, guest host Ron Scalzo talks with Brooklyn-based band Burlap To Cashmere, where such topics discussed include the band’s history, the advantages and disadvantages of being independent artists, and more.  Also, we present three of the band’s original tracks from their self-titled sophomore album.

[Ron Scalzo interviews Burlap To Cashmere]

Then, Seth Kushner talks with Ron Scalzo about their long personal history, Ron’s indie record label Bald Freak Music, his music projects Q*Ball, Hooper and Return To Earth, his ‘A Dozen Movies…’ series at Trip City, and baldness.  Also, a brand new song by Q*Ball featuring Chris Pennie, “A*Pathetic Song.”

[Steven Delopoulos, John Philippidis & Theodore Pagano]

Photos by Seth Kushner.  The TRIP CITY podcast is guest produced by Ron Scalzo.